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A life affirming and heart-warming story of the chance meeting of two suicidal strangers on a Bridge over the Ganges, both experiencing immense emotional distress. Their meeting initially brings great challenges but eventually, 'healing' and wholeness to both lives. As they must find out and regain a sense of meaning and belonging to life, a 'Bridge' of trust and bonding brings forth transformative changes. Directed by Amit Ranjan Biswas as his debut film, made with a shoe string budget and a group of passionate and reputed international cast and crew, this indie film provides a unique transformative quality to the genre of drama. The director is a child psychiatrist by profession, and his inspiration of the story came from his direct experience of clinical work with young people and families to whom he is highly indebted. (Subtitles) India 2016 Amit Ranjan Biswas 100m