Britain In A Day

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  |  90 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Britain In A Day Film Poster


Saturday, 12 November, 2011: The great British public turn the cameras on themselves, and upload more than 12,000 clips onto YouTube, showing what they were up to on the day. It’s the eve of Remembrance Day, and the Occupy movements are in full swing - as is Strictly Come Dancing. Sifting through the hundreds of hours of footage, director Morgan Matthews has woven 320 contributions into a lyrical and moving snapshot, reflecting the zeitgeist of the nation. The day is played out against a moving original score by Martin Phipps, which soars and recedes with the images themselves. Most stories are fleeting, made up of a single scene, but some reappear throughout the day, such as a man dying in hospital from a brain tumour, waiting to attend his daughter’s wedding in the hospital chapel. Amidst the insecurities of a discontented winter, one theme emerges: it’s family who matter most.