British Musicals of the 1930s: Volume 6

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  |  360 min
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Collection of British musicals from the 1930s. Marcel Varnel directs 'I Give My Heart' (1935) which stars Gitta Alpar as Madame DuBarry. A simple milliner in 18th-century France, Madame DuBarry's dream is to become a mistress to King Louis XV (Owen Nares), but first she must climb the social ladder, marrying the less favourable Count DuBarry (Arthur Margetson). Thomas Bentley directs 'Sleepless Nights' (1932) in which Stanley Lupino stars as Guy Raynor, a reporter who pretends to be the wealthy husband of Marjorie Drew (Polly Walker) to stop her from running away with a crook. Paul Merzbach directs 'A Star Fell from Heaven' (1936) in which Joseph Schmidt plays a musical film star who suddenly loses his voice. A plan to dub another man's voice as his own backfires when the aspiring singer becomes unexpectedly famous in his own right. Finally, Otto Kanturek directs 'The Student's Romance' (1935), a story about young student Max (Patric Knowles) and Princess Helene (Grete Natzler) who fall in love, but must overcome the barrier of Helene's royal status if they are to be together.