Broken Saints

  |  Buy to Own: 21/08/2006
  |  627 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Launched online in January 2001, this award-winning sci-fi series fuses anime style, comic book text, cinematic effects and music. It follows four strangers as they receive a series of chilling apocalyptic visions. Simultaneously drawn to a dark city in the West, their fates (and indeed the fate of the world) are somehow tied to a global satellite network, a massive conspiracy and a mysterious orphan girl with a terrifying secret. Chapters comprise: 'Introitus', 'Cryptic', 'Versus', 'Epiphany', 'Awakening', 'Synchronicity', 'Lucid', 'Lomalagi', 'Personas', 'Trinity', 'Surfacing', 'Passage'', 'Insertion', 'Harbingers', 'Tempest', 'Fallen', 'Lazarus', 'Forecast', 'Signals', 'Inside', 'Convergence', 'Revelation', 'Ascent' and 'Forecast'.