|  93 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Gay-themed Spanish drama. Set in 1996, the film follows four teenage friends as they head out on a camping trip to one of Argentina's remote beaches. Dani (Javier De Pietro) documents proceedings as the friends enjoy the sun, sea and sand. However, in their idyllic paradise, the group's friendships are tested and their dynamic toyed with as buried feelings begin to come to the fore. Dani has long lusted after his friend Santi (Marcos Ribas) but, unsure if he feels the same way, has never acted upon his feelings. Meanwhile, the presence of their only female companion Julieta (Luana Pascual) causes more trouble amongst the two boys and their virginal friend Adri (Agustín Pardella), who has lovingly admired Julieta from afar.