Bruce Lee: 30th Anniversary (Commemorative Box Set)

  |  Buy to Own: 14/07/2003
  |  380 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A box set of classic Bruce Lee action. In 'The Big Boss' (1971) Cheng Chao-An (Lee) is an immigrant worker who takes a job with his cousins in an ice factory and discovers all manner of suspicious goings-on. Cheng might have promised his mother not to fight again, but when he begins to investigate a series of disappearances - the latest of which has seen his own cousin go missing - he can't help but display his formidable martial arts skills. Taking on one opponent after another, Cheng will not stop until he has fought his way to the truth and the inevitable confrontation with the man known only as 'The Big Boss'. In 'Fist of Fury' (1972) Chen Chen (Lee) returns to Shanghai for the funeral of his martial arts mentor, who died in suspicious circumstances. Whilst he is mourning his old friend, members of a rival school arrive and taunt Chen and his friends, who do not react at first. Chen later visits the rival school and humiliates them by beating every single one of them, but this causes bloody repercussions and begins to uncover the real reasons behind the mentor's death., 'Way of the Dragon' (1973) sees Martial Arts expert Tang Lung (Lee) arrive in Rome to protect a family friend's restaurant from a powerful Mafia man. A violent altercation between Tang and the mobster's heavies persuades the gang boss to call for reinforcements: an American martial arts assassin (Chuck Norris) who challenges Tang to a fight to the death within the walls of the Colosseum. Whilst in 'Game of Death' (1973/78) Lee died halfway through the filming, it was completed using doubles and released several years later. A successful martial artist refuses to join a crime syndicate and has a contract put on his head. The assassination attempt fails but his death is broadcast to the world to throw the criminals off his trail. Unfortunately, the hoods do not believe the stories and make him face a series of adversaries in one to one fights to save the life of his girlfriend. Also included in this box set is a special features disc featuring interviews Robert Lee and Chaplin Chan.