Bubblegum Crash: Parts 1-3

  |  Buy to Own: 05/07/2004
  |  140 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The entire three part adventure collected together in a box set. In 'Illegal Army' the AD Police call upon the Knight Sabers to deal with the infamous Colonel Lando and his new crime wave. He is systematically hitting banks in Mega Tokyo and he also has a hidden agenda which is a lot more deadly than bank robberies. In 'Geo Climbers' Priss is forced to confront the hatred of the deadly robotic Voomers when a new prototype escapes into her custody.The two must team up, put differences aside and fight off the evil Doctor Yuri and his team of Cyborgs, and they must then destroy the secret hidden in the heart of Geo City. Whilst in 'Melt Down' Japan sees the Knight Sabers coming face to face with their most difficult task as they take on an indestructible enemy. They failed to uncover the mastermind behind all the recent troubles in time, and now the destruction of Mega Tokyo looks unavoidable as a huge drill is set on a course for the biggest nuclear reactor. If it is not stopped, total melt-down wil begin.