Bugsy To Die For Circus

  |  Buy to Own: 06/09/2004
  |  329 min
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Triple bill of films about thwarted ambition and broken dreams. Warren Beatty stars in 'Bugsy' (1991), the life story of Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel, the Hollywood-obsessed, hot-tempered gangster who dreamt of a desert gambling paradise that would one day become Las Vegas. When Bugsy embarks on an affair with beautiful starlet Virginia 'The Flamingo' Hill (Annette Bening), the pair plot against the underworld bosses who rule them both. Their ambitions, however, soon lead them into violent waters. The film received ten Oscar nominations. In 'To Die For' (1996) a small town girl (Nicole Kidman) has an ambition to become a national TV personality, but her dream becomes an obsession after she talks her way into working as a weather girl at the local TV station. She wants to make a documentary about the local kids, but her meeting with a rebellious teenager leads to catastrophe. 'Circus' (2000) is a thriller set in Brighton. Conman Leo Garfield (John Hannah) finds himself in hot water when he accepts a contract to murder businessman Julius Harvey's wife, Gloria. It transpires that Harvey has in fact tricked Leo, and that Gloria is not his wife at all. Meanwhile, Leo is heavily in debt to bookie Troy Cabrera (Eddie Izzard), and is facing pressure from local gangster Bruno Maitland (Brian Conley) - whose bodyguard, 'Moose', turns out to be Gloria's lover - to run his new casino. Also, Leo's wife Lily (Famke Janssen) presents another problem when her old flame Elmo (Fred Ward) pops up again, years after she abandoned him mid-heist.