Bumbai Bird

  |  Book Tickets: 15/08/2017
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Bumbai Bird Film Poster


A compassionate, poetic and realistic look at different and diverse lives in Mumbai. Like a bird, or a floating spirit over Mumbai, we discover five unconscious people in the city of Mumbai, and we go back in time to see what happened to them. This spirit, enable us to hear people intimate thoughts, to understand the suffering of their souls. While traveling back in time, the bird-spirit helps us to understand the source of each of the character life’s drama. Student’s suicide, drawry’s abuse, obesity, sexual frustration, hard-core nationalism… Their problems are typical of today’s contemporary India. These fragments of life, assembled like a broken mirror, reflect an impressive and moving urban reality of India, far from the stereotyped Bollywood representations or from the superficial middle-class pretence. (Subtitles) Budget $250,000 India 2016 Kamal Musale 85m