Buster Keaton: Go West

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  |  110 min
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Trio of silent shorts from the great Buster Keaton. In 'Go West' (1925) a young man goes to New York to find his fortune. Feeling rather overcome by the big city lifestyle he heads to the outskirts instead. After falling off a train close to a ranch, he decides to try out as a cowboy, becoming almost successful in his own comical way. He finds the chance to prove himself, however, when the farm has to move 100 cows to a slaughterhouse in Los Angeles in order to escape bankruptcy. In 'Hard Luck' (1921) an out of work boy decides to kill himself. After several failed attempts, he takes 'poison' from a bottle which is actually filled with alcohol... In 'The Scarecrow' (1920) two farmhands sharing a cottage fall for the farmer's daughter. Buster disguises himself as a scarecrow and ends up causing trouble for his rival and the farmer in his bid to win over his love.