Buster Keaton: Steamboat Bill, Jr/Convict 13/Daydreams

Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of films starring the great Buster Keaton. In 'Steamboat Bill, Jr' (1928), Steamboat Bill (Ernest Torrence) and his first mate (Tom Lewis) have been running the stern-wheeler steamboat 'Stonewall Jackson' for years, but now look likely to be put out of business by entrepreneur J.J. King. In 'Convict 13' (1920), a young golfer finds himself on the run from the law after he is attacked, during a game, by an escaped convict who steals his clothes. In 'Daydreams' (1922), a young man goes to the city in search of a job so he can support the woman he longs to marry.