Buster Keaton: The Buster Keaton Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 08/10/2001
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set containing seven Buster Keaton classics (three features, four shorts). In 'The General' (1927), Confederate railway engineer Johnny Gray (Keaton) embarks on a hair-raising adventure when the Union steals both his train and his girlfriend (Marion Mack), who just happens to be on board at the time. 'College' (1927) sees the stone-faced comic playing an intellectual college student whose preference for the library over the football field threatens to alienate his girlfriend. The solution? Buster tries his hand at sports and, despite his basic ineptitude, somehow manages to become a celebrated football star. In 'Steamboat Bill Jr.' (1928) steamboat captain Bill Canfield (Ernest Torrence) looks likely to be put out of business by the ruthless entrepreneur J.J. King. However, when Bill's student son (Keaton) arrives to help out, it transpires that he is a college friend of Kitty - the entrepreneur's daughter! The ensuing hijinks include the famous cyclone sequence, complete with the celebrated scene in which Buster miraculously survives when the facade of a house collapses upon him. Moving now to the shorts: 'The Boat' (1921) has Buster become involved in a series of madcap adventures with a homemade boat. 'One Week' (1920) finds him attempting to build a house for his new bride and running into trouble when his rival in love tampers with the blueprints. 'The Blacksmith' (1922) sees our hapless hero working as a smithy, both shoeing horses and somehow managing to wreck a Rolls Royce. And finally, 'The Balloonatic' (1923) follows what happens when Buster and his girl take a wrong turning whilst ballooning and then use their impressive survival skills to survive in the wilderness.