Buster Keaton: The Sap Head/The High Sign/One Week

  |  Buy to Own: 16/11/2009
  |  117 min
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Collection of silent films starring the great Buster Keaton. In 'The Sap Head' (1920) Keaton plays Bertie, the spoiled son of wealthy silver mine owner Nick Van Alstyne (William H Crane). Bertie's plans for marriage are ruined when his sister's husband Mark (Irving Cummings) forces him to pretend he is the father of his (Mark's) illegitimate daughter. Mark then comes close to destroying the family business by selling their stock for too small a price. It is up to Bertie to put things right and save the business before it's too late. 'The High Sign' (1921) tells the story of how Buster gets a job in the shooting gallery of an amusement park owned by the Blinking Buzzards mob after being thrown off a train. But when he is given a job to take out a businessman, he ends up doing all he can to save the man and his daughter using all the new skills he has learned. In 'One Week' (1920), newlyweds Buster (the groom) and Sybil Seely (the bride) receive a portable house (which can be put together in one week) as a wedding gift. However, building the house proves tricky as the create numbers have been switched by Buster's adversary who is after Sybil's affections.