Cadillac Man Woman In Red Grand Canyon

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  |  310 min
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Comedy drama triple. In 'Cadillac Man' (1989), fast-talking car salesman Joey O'Brien (Robin Williams) has a lot on his plate. His job at Turgeon Auto Sales is on the line, his ex-wife wants her alimony, and he is two-timing his girlfriend with a married woman. Things go from bad to worse when the latter's neanderthal husband, Larry (Tim Robbins), arrives at Joey's showrooms, armed with a shotgun and looking for whoever has been 'doing' his spouse. A hostage scenario ensues, with Joey doing what he does best - lie - in order to save his hide. Gene Wilder stars in 'The Woman in Red' (1984) as Teddy Pierce, a happily married executive who goes crazy over Charlotte (Kelly LeBrock) when he sees her dancing the Cha-Cha Monroe-style. He enlists the help of his friends in a bid to bed the beautiful vision, but is constantly and comically frustrated at every turn. Written and directed by Wilder, the film also features Stevie Wonder's Oscar-winning song 'I Just Called To Say I Love You'. The ups and downs of life in L.A. are examined in 'Grand Canyon' by Lawrence Kasdan, director of 'Body Heat' and 'The Big Chill'. When Los Angeles attorney Mack (Kevin Kline)'s car breaks down in Inglewood, he is threatened by a gang of hoods. Rescue comes in the form of black tow truck driver Simon (Danny Glover), who convinces the gang to lay off. A friendship forms between the two men, as they and their families struggle to get by in an increasingly violent and haphazard world.