California Solo

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  |  90 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Drama starring Robert Carlyle as an expat musician living in America who's suddenly forced to confront his past. Lachlan MacAldonich (Carlyle), former guitarist with Britpop band 'The Cranks', now happily wiles away the days working on a farm on the outskirts of Los Angeles. But he soon finds his world imploding when, in the wake of a drink-driving charge, he's threatened with deportation by the authorities after they turn up an old drugs offense. Now, only able to stay if he can prove his banishment will cause hardship to a blood relative, Lachlan is forced to contact his ex-wife Catherine (Kathleen Wilhoite) and try to build bridges with Arianwen (Savannah Lathem), the daughter he barely knows.

Contains strong language
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