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  |  79 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Cal Film Poster


Gay-themed drama directed by Christian Martin. When he receives news that his mother (Lucy Russell) is ill, Cal (Wayne Virgo) returns to Bristol from France at a time when the global economic crisis is at its worst, causing a rise in crime and looting throughout the country. Reunited with his mother who expresses she wants nothing to do with her now openly gay son, Cal is forced to move in with his Auntie Jane (Emily Corcoran), who tries her hardest to make him straight by coming onto him. Throughout his time at home, Cal also meets a young male prostitute called Jason (Tom Payne) who is under the forceful hand of notorious drug dealing pimp Ivan (Daniel Brocklebank). While a relationship forms between the two men, Cal is forced to make a decision about staying and trying to mend his relationship with his mother or to leave Bristol again for good...

Contains strong violence, language, sex and sex references
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