Captain America Collection

  |  300 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Triple bill of action films following the adventures of the Marvel Comics superhero. In 'Captain America' (1990), Captain America (Matt Salinger) is transformed into a super soldier by the American government during World War II. During a battle with his nemesis, Nazi agent Red Skull (Scott Paulin), the hero redirects a missile that is meant for the White House to Alaska where he becomes frozen in the ice. Decades later he is thawed out by researchers and learns that Red Skull has grown in power and has kidnapped the President of the United States in order to brainwash him. It is up to Captain America to save the day. In 'Captain America - Sentinel of Liberty' (1979), after being attacked in an attempted murder, Steve Rogers (Reb Brown) is injected with a special formula that saves his life and gives him superhuman strength. While fighting foes as his new alter ego Captain America, he looks for answers to the mysterious death of his father. In 'Captain America 2 - Death Too Soon' (1979), Captain America (Brown) gets on the case when terrorist General Miguel (Christopher Lee) holds a scientist captive in order to get his hands on a chemical that will rapidly age anyone or anything it comes into contact with. Miguel plans to use the chemical to destroy a major US city unless his demand of one billion dollars is met. With the president unwilling to negotiate, it falls to Captain America to prevent the disaster.