Captain America: Volume 2

  |  Buy to Own: 18/10/2004
  |  86 min
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Episodes 6-9 of Volume 2 of the children's animated series 'Captain America'. In 'The Return Of Captain America/The Search/To Live Again', the Avengers discover Captain America's frozen body in a submarine and must revive him. Cap is reintroduced into the ranks of the group when he and Rick Jones rescue the Avengers, who have been turned into stone statues. In 'Revenge Of Captain America/The Trap Is Sprung/So Dies A Villain', Cap becomes angry when Rick Jones wears Bucky's costume and then endangers himself by fighting Baron Zemo. Cap rescues Rick, destroys Zemo's castle and buries him under a ton of boulders. In 'The Sentinel And The Spy/The Fantastic Origin Of The Red Skull/Lest Tyranny Triumph', the Red Skull plots to steal the allies' secret disintegrater and captures Cap and Bucky in the process. When he brainwashes Cap, it's up to Bucky to save the day. In 'The Red Skull Lives/He Who Holds The Cosmic Cube/The Red Skull Supreme', the Red Skull's hypno-helmet has Cap thinking that he's going crazy and when the deceitful villain tells Cap that he has been in suspended animation for 20 years, Cap must fight to regain his sanity.