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  |  86 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
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Director: Jamie Patterson, Producer/Writer. Alex Francis (Moon). Starring: April Pearson, Mickey Sumner, Cian Berry, Ruben Crow. 86mins, 2017, UK, English. UK PREMIERE x A ‘work-from-home’ journalist couple who’ve become interested in a new base up on the moor are visited by a strange couple called Mr & Mrs Blair (yes, The Blairs!). They say they want to ask a few questions and the journalists invite the Blairs into their idyllic village home, but what begins with an informal interview descends into a nightmarish fight for survival. This is a film that returns us to the great days of brit SF. It’s Quatermass via Straw Dogs and delivers a tight, extremely tense and unnerving experience, the kind of sci-fi we used to be so good at making.