Chained Heat

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  |  289 min
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Triple box set containing three thrillers. In 'Chained Heat' (1983), Carol (Linda Blair) is sentenced to 18 months in prison after killing a man. She soon discovers that she is surrounded by coke-snorting lesbian rapists. Also, racial tensions are high as the black and white inmates are segregated. The whole set up is a recipe for disaster, and the inmates are forced to put aside their differences in order to expose the corrupt administration. In 'Red Heat' (1985), Chris Carlson (Blair) is kidnapped by East German police and taken across the border to Zwikau, the infamous women's prison known for its brutality and psychological torture. Under torture, Chris confesses to being a spy for the CIA in exchange for her release, but it's a lie - and she is sentenced to three years. Led by a beautiful Amazon figure, Sophia (Sylvia Kristel), the inmates are sadistic to each other, but save the worst for the newest prisoner. Meanwhile, Chris's fiance commandeers his own fighting force for all-out rescue attempt. Finally, in 'Jungle Warriors' (1984), a plane carrying seven of the world's loveliest models crash lands in a remote part of the jungle that, unbeknownst to them, is the secret headquarters of the mob. They find out all too soon when the pilot is killed and the girls are captured and subjected to unspeakable atrocities. But revenge is as sweet as they are. They plan their escape and settle the score with their captors.