Chaos Head: The Complete Series

  |  Buy to Own: 22/10/2012
  |  300 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The complete series of the anime following the adventures of an anti-social boy who unwittingly finds himself drawn into a murder investigation. Takumi Nishijo (voice of Hiroyuki Yoshino) much prefers watching anime and playing online games to engaging directly with humanity. However, when an online chat causes him to believe that he may have stumbled across important information regarding a series of brutal murders that have recently taken place in the area, Takumi ventures out into the real world and quickly discovers that it is every bit as frenetic and out of control as his computer games. The episodes are: 'Boot Up', 'Ego', 'Contact', 'Commencing', 'Guidance', 'Embracement', 'Realisation', 'Linkage', 'Rejection', 'Purification', 'Independence' and 'Mission'.