|  Book Tickets: 30/09/2011
  |  121 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC
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Bollywood drama which explores the influence of the criminal underworld in Indian film. Naseeruddin Shah plays an underworld kingpin who controls much of Mumbai from his luxury pad. The crime boss also exerts considerable influence over Bollywood and conspires to get his girlfriend, Maria (Shehzad Khan), an aspiring actress, a role in a film. The film's director, Mahesh (Jackie Shroff), however, has problems with his own girlfriend, Minnie (Divya Dutta), and when she turns up to make trouble the project looks like it might be derailed. Enter Gambir Singh (Dev Anand), a retired police officer. Will he use his peacekeeping skills to calm the situation, or will he sense the underworld connections at work and cause further problems with the filming?

Contains moderate violence and language
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