Charley's Aunt

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  |  72 min
Rated U by the BBFC
Charley's Aunt Film Poster


Classic British comedy starring the inimitable Arthur Askey in an hilarious drag role. A group of Oxford students are on its final warning for a 'long list of delinquencies' including drunken behaviour and miscellaneous high jinks. While on probation, one of them slips into drag in order to play a part in a school drama and is rumbled, landing him and his two chums on the carpet yet again where, they are informed, they're expelled. Undaunted, the would-be queen then dons drag yet again and plays his imaginary Aunt Lucy - a wealthy philanthropic type who promises to put all manner of money into the kitty to fund an Egyptian expedition - in exchange for the salvation of a certain three scholastic careers.

Contains very mild innuendo
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