Charlie Chaplin Boxset

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2006
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A collection of five films from the master of the silent 'stache, bowler and penguin walk himself. 'Gentlemen of Nerve' (1914) sees Charlie at the auto race with friends and falling afoul of the law, In 'Tango Tangles' (1914), Charlie goes to the dancehall the worse for drink and the cloakroom girl takes a shine to him. In 'Dough and Dynamite' (1914), Charlie and another waiter have to stand in as bakers when the bakers at their workplace walk out on strike. Things go well till the striking breadmen slip a stick of TNT into a loaf. In 'His Trysting Place' (1914) a married Charlie is sent to the store for a bottle of milk for the baby. He meets a friend and has a sit down but they take the wrong coats afterwards and now Charlie's wife thinks he's having a secret affair. Finally 'In The Park' (1915) is a classic Chaplin romp in which he visits a busy park. There, he is pick pocketed by a tramp but steals the tramp's smoking kit in the process. He intervenes when the hot dog man is being bailed up by a thug then hooks himself a string of links with his cane afterwards.