Children Of Glory

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  |  123 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Nationalistic pride and communist oppression meet head to head at the 1956 Olympic games. Set against the backdrop of the Hungarian revolution of 1956, the story follows Karcsi Szabo (Ivan Fenyo), the star player and captain of the Hungarian water polo team, due to play at the Olympics in Melbourne that summer. At first reluctant to become involved in the nationalistic fervour sweeping his country, Szabo's head is turned when he comes across a demonstration calling for Hungarian independence led by Viki Falk (Kata Dobo), and is immediately struck by the red-headed beauty. As he attempts to win her over, his eyes are opened to the political struggle taking place around him, but the budding seeds of democracy are smashed when the Russian army enters the country to violently suppress the fledgling revolution. With conditions deteriorating for his countrymen, Szabo discovers that Hungary will play the U.S.S.R. at the upcoming Olympic Games in Australia, a game that will allow his team an opportunity to right a wrong, and symbolically vanquish their oppressors.

Contains infrequent strong bloody violence
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