China Heavyweight

  |  Book Tickets: 08/06/2012
  |  89 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
China Heavyweight Film Poster


A masterful profile of China, told through the prism of the country’s newest sporting passion – boxing. Outlawed in 1959 for being too American, the ban on boxing was not lifted for thirty years. Now coaches are scouring the regions for promising children to recruit into a rigorous training programme. The risks are high for the boys and girls plucked from schooling to train. If they succeed, they can leave their impoverished rural lives behind, and represent their country in international events. If they fail, they return to them, and a life of manual labour. In this artful, beautifully constructed film, Canadian director Yung Chang follows young recruits, as they consider their futures, and during rare visits back home. They are led by their charismatic coach, Qi Moxiang, who gave up boxing some years ago, after failing to qualify for the Olympics, but is now determined to return one last time to the ring.