Christmas Holiday

  |  Book Tickets: 24/04/2015
  |  Buy to Own: 03/11/2003
  |  92 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


Deanna Durbin, better known for her roles in all-singing, all-dancing musical comedies, strikes out in this bleak, brooding Hollywood film noir. She plays Jackie Lamont, a femme-fatale nightclub singer with a dark secret. An army lieutenant, Charles Mason (Dean Harens), recently jilted by his fiancée, meets her in a New Orleans bordello and the two strike up a conversation. Her story then unfolds in flashback as she recounts it to the lieutenant. As a young woman, Jackie had married a Southern aristocrat, Robert Manette (Gene Kelly), only to discover that he was unstable and violent. After he was arrested for murder, Jackie ran away from her life of misery and changed her identity, believing that her husband was safely behind bars serving life imprisonment. But unbeknownst to her, he has escaped and is intent on tracking her down...

Contains infrequent mild violence and sex references
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