Cinema Provocateur - Volume 1

  |  Buy to Own: 09/11/2015
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Collection of erotic dramas. 'Q' (2011) depicts the lives of a group of teenagers who are profoundly affected by the sexual promiscuity of a young woman. Cecile (Déborah Révy) has recently lost her father and is struggling to move on with her life. The only way she seems able to find escape from the pain is through seeking out superficial sexual encounters. Will she ever find fulfilment? 'Student Services' (2010) is a French drama about a student who turns to prostitution as a means of getting by. While studying in France, Laura (Déborah François) is working a part time job and still struggling to pay her bills. In a desperate attempt to make some money, she answers an online ad by a man looking for 'companionship', assuring herself she won't get too involved. Although at first her new line of work is pretty tame, it isn't long before her clients start making more sordid requests and Laura begins her quick descent into a life of sexual debauchery. 'The Wayward Cloud' (2005) follows a surreal tale about the after-effects of a water shortage in Taiwan. With TV stations advising the population to drink watermelon juice, Shiang-chyi (Shiang-chyi Chen) finds her own solution by filling bottles in public toilets. She soon meets and falls for Hsiao-Kang (Kang-sheng Lee), a former street vendor-turned porn actor. How will she react when she discovers his new-found profession? 'The Housemaid' (2010) charts the destructive sexual relationship between a rich and powerful man and his newly-appointed young housemaid. Recently divorced and strapped for cash, Eunyi (Do-yeon Jeon) takes a job as a housemaid and nanny to a wealthy family. There she is presided over by the senior maid, Byungshik (Yeo-jong Yun) and forms a strong friendship with her young charge, Nami (Seo-hyeon Ahn). But with his heavily pregnant trophy wife Haera (Seo Woo) failing to fulfil his sexual urges, the master of the house Goh Hoon (Jung-jae Lee) soon sets his sights on the naïve Eunyi - with dark and dramatic consequences.