Classic Horror Box Set: Volume 2

  |  Buy to Own: 09/01/2006
  |  644 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Box set collection of nine classic horror films. In 'Carnival of Souls' (1962), Candice Hilligoss stars as a woman who survives a serious car accident and moves to Utah to become a church organist. She is pursued there by a strange phantom figure (Herk Harvey, who also directs and produces), who might have something to do with her accident. As she grows more disturbed, the strange figure lures her closer to a sinister abandoned carnival. In 'The Ape Man' (1943), crazed scientist Dr Brewster (Bela Lugosi) slaves away in his basement, hidden from the outside world, determined to produce a serum based on a gorilla's spinal fluid. When Brewster tries the serum out on himself, he first develops a thick growth of facial hair, then discovers that his spine is contorting into the posture of an ape. Can the effects of the serum be reversed? In 'The Mesa of Lost Women' (1952), Jackie Coogan stars as a mad scientist who plans to create a race of superbeings. He cross breeds some gorgeous women with a tarantula and ends up with a new race of vicious females with super-long fingernails. In Roger Corman's 'Creature From the Haunted Sea' (1961), a mobster hits on a plan while smuggling a deposed general and a fortune in gold out of Cuba on his yacht. His plan is to scare the general and kill his guards by faking the attacks of a sea monster, enabling them to keep the gold for themselves. Unfortunately, a sea monster actually is attacking them which leads to all sorts of complications. In 'The Devil Bat' (1941), Lugosi plays the mild-mannered Dr Carruthers, a man hiding a murderous secret. At night, he unleashes his breed of blood-sucking bats to attack anyone wearing his specially formulated aftershave lotion, in an attempt to get revenge on the perfume company that sacked him. In 'The Vampire Bat' (1933), the villagers of a small rural community are slowly dying of blood loss, and a local scientist tries to find the cause. 'Dementia 13' (1963) was the directing debut of Francis Ford Coppola and was produced by Roger Corman. After the death of Lady Haloran (Eithne Dunne) her aristocratic, Irish family gathers in a deserted mansion and argues over their inheritance. Meanwhile, Louise Halloran (Luana Andes) is bickering with her husband. When he suffers a heart attack, she disposes of the body, but more sinister schemes are afoot. In 'Shock' (1946), Vincent Price plays a psychiatrist treating a young woman after she witnesses a murder. But when she recovers, she realises that the doctor was the killer. Finally, in 'Black Dragons' (1942), Lugosi plays an evil enemy agent trying to sabotage the American war effort by murdering its top agents.