Classic John Mills

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Trio of films from the 1940s starring British actor John Mills. In 'The History of Mr Polly' (1949), Alfred Polly (Mills) inherits a sum of money from his father just as he is sacked from his job, enabling him to take a bicycle tour of the country. On the road he falls in love but things go awry and Alfred ends up marrying his cousin, Miriam (Betty Ann Davies). Together they open up a draper's shop in a small town. Over time, Miriam sours, the couple face bankruptcy and boredom, and Mr Polly comes to hate his life. In despair he decides to commit suicide, but even this goes wrong and he is forced to take to the road again. David Lean directs the classic film version of the Dickens novel 'Great Expectations' (1946), in which orphan Pip (Anthony Wager) befriends an escaped convict (Finlay Currie) before being elevated to higher circles as the companion of mad Miss Havisham and her niece, Estella (Jean Simmons), with whom the boy quickly falls in love. When the adult Pip (Mills) discovers a mysterious benefactor has paved the way for him to become a gentleman, he assumes Miss Havisham is responsible. In the World War Two drama 'Waterloo Road' (1945), Jim Colter (Mills) is called up to serve in the army. In his absence, his wife Tillie (Joy Shelton) attracts the amorous attention of vicious local spiv and self-appointed ladies' man Ted Purvis (Stewart Granger). When Jim's sister writes to inform him of this turn of events, Jim decides that the Nazis can wait while he sorts out the more pressing problems on the home front.