Claude Chabrol Collection: Volume 2

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  |  636 min
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Claude Chabrol Collection: Volume 2 Film Poster


Box set collection of six classic films from the French New Wave director. In 'Innocents With Dirty Hands' (1975), looking for distraction from her passionless marriage, Julie Wormser turns to the arms of family friend, Jeff Marie. Julie's ailing husband Louis is 18-years her senior and becoming increasingly less attentive, and Jeff's feelings for her are barely concealed. However, when distraction is no longer sufficient, she turns to Jeff again - this time lookling for a permanent solution. In 'Who's Got the Black Box' (1967) the wife of an undercover NATO officer comes under suspicion when he is murdered. Determined to clear her name, Shanny (Jean Seberg), sets out to uncover the truth and clear her name. In 'Pleasure Party' (1975), swinger Philippe (Paul Gegauff) gets more than he bargained for when he suggests that he and his wife Esther (Daniel Gegauff) try having a few affairs. When his wife takes him at his word, becoming less and less dependent on him, Philippe's jealosy and possessiveness rears its head. In 'Cop Au Vin' (1985) a small French town suffers a string of murders, Inspecteur Lavardin (Jean Poiret) is despatched to find the culprit. Discovering that the local postman, Louis Cuno (Lucas Belvaux) has been using his position to gather information on potential rivals, Lavardin starts to dig deeper, using any tactics necessary to get his man. Family tensions rise in 'The Flower Of Evil' (2003) as local mother Anne decides to run for mayor. Her decision brings old wounds to the surface, prompting a slanderous letter in the local newspaper accusing the family of, among other things, incest. Although the family maintains a united front, there are hints of even greater secrets to emerge. In 'The Break Up' (1970) Stephane Audran plays Helene Regnier, who has just left her mentally-ill husband Charles (Jean-Claude Drouot) after he assaulted their son. When Charles's parents hire family friend Paul Thomas (Jean-Pierre Cassel) to get some dirt on Helene before the custody battle, he eagerly takes to his new assignment.