Claymore: The Complete Series

  |  Buy to Own: 01/02/2010
  |  650 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 26 episodes of the Japanese anime series based on the manga by Norihiro Yagi. Set in a medieval-like world in which humans are plagued by evil shape-shifting creatures called Yoma, the series follows the adventures of Clare (voice of Houko Kuwashima), a member of the secret 'Claymore' organisation set up to battle the Yoma. The episodes are: 'Great Sword', 'The Black Card', 'The Darkness in Paradise', 'Clare's Awakening', 'Teresa of the Faint Smile', 'Teresa and Clare', 'Marked for Death', 'Awakening', 'Those Who Rend Asunder: Part 1', 'Those Who Rend Asunder: Part 2', 'Those Who Rend Asunder: Part 3', 'The Endless Gravestones: Part 1', 'The Endless Gravestones: Part 2', 'Qualified to Fight', 'The Witch's Maw: Part 1', 'The Witch's Maw: Part 2', 'The Witch's Maw: Part 3', 'The Carnage in the North: Part 1', 'The Carnage in the North: Part 2', 'The Carnage in the North: Part 3', 'Invasion of Pieta: Part 1', 'Invasion of Pieta: Part 2', 'Critical Point: Part 1', 'Critical Point: Part 2', 'For Whose Sake' and 'To the Successors'.