|  Buy to Own: 03/12/2007
  |  84 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC


Canadian crime drama about three generations of women in the underworld trying to live with one another and survive. After escaping from the mob with a stash of their diamonds, Grace (Ever Carradine) decides to lie low in Cleaverville, the small town home of her estranged mother Kay (Gabrielle Rose), a former grifter who taught her daughter the trade. Kay doesn't tell her granddaughter, Candace (Haley Beauchamp), that Grace is her real mother and tensions begin to arise between the three women. Kay hopes her granddaughter grows up living a normal life in a small town but she doesn't know that Candace is a closet conwoman herself. Will they be able to put their problems aside in time for them to escape before the mob come looking?

Contains moderate violence and language
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