Cloppa Castle: The Complete Series

  |  Buy to Own: 09/05/2005
  |  780 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Cloppa Castle: The Complete Series Film Poster


All fifty-two episodes of the children's puppet animated programme, from series one and two. Queen Ethelbruda and her husband King Woebegone rule over Cloppa Castle, as it is brought under seige by the inept Hasbeenes. Fortunately, both sides think nothing of stopping for a cup of tea with each other in the afternoon. Episodes from series one are: 'Spring is Sprung'; 'It's a Gift'; 'The Bruda Banger'; 'A Champion for Tizzibel'; 'Caught in a Jam'; 'A State of Emergency'; 'Off Duty'; 'Beseiged'; 'Bothered and Bewildered'; 'A Cold to Catch a Thief'; 'No Laughing Matter'; 'Red Herring Chase'; 'The Good Ship Ethelbruda'; 'Mudlin Muddles Through'; 'You're Fired Cue-Ee-Dee'; 'Bees in Their Bonnets'; 'The Frog Prince Caper'; 'White Elephants'; 'Ups and Downs'; 'The Celebration'; 'Spell-bound'; 'Idlebone's Idleness Pays Off'; 'It's the Real Thing'; 'Sent to Coventry'; 'A Cuckoo Clock'; 'Sheik Charade' and 'Time For a Change'. Episodes from series two are: 'The Blues'; 'When You Gotta Grow, You Gotta Grow'; 'Squatters' Wrongs!'; 'Water on the Brain'; 'It's a Monster!'; 'A Fatal Attack of the Lovee Doves'; 'Folkbangas For All'; 'Blow Your Own Trumpet'; 'A Big Heart Beats in a Small Frame'; 'To the Victor the Spoils'; 'The Call of the Cloppa Clarion'; 'A Chain is as Good as a Rest'; 'The Crusade That Never Was'; 'Go to Blazes!'; 'Doughnuts'; 'The Pied Piper of Cloppa Castle'; 'A Vulture for Culture'; 'Operation Facelift'; 'The Friendly Enemy'; 'Young at Heart'; 'Taters in the Mould'; 'Clothes Maketh the Man'; 'Oil For One and One For Oil!'; 'What Goes Up Must Come Down'; 'Low Treason' and 'A Complete Washout!'