Cold Souls

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  |  101 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Cold Souls Film Poster


Surreal comedy directed by Sophie Barthes and starring Paul Giamatti as angst-ridden actor, Paul Giamatti! Having stumbled upon an article for a high-tech company that extracts and deep freezes souls, Paul believes he may have found the answer to all his problems. However, after the procedure, Paul begins to realise that he has made a terrible mistake and returns to the clinic to retrieve his frozen soul, only to find it missing. He discovers that it is now in Russia, where it was taken by a 'soul-trafficker' to be given to a talentless, Russian soap opera actress. As Paul makes the laborious trip to St. Petersburg, in search of his soul, he finally realises what's truly important in his life.

Contains one use of strong language and moderate sexualised nudity
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