Collateral Damage Swordfish Driven

  |  Buy to Own: 08/09/2003
  |  Watch Now: 05/06/2008
  |  310 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


A triple bill of action-packed dramas. In 'Collateral Damage', when his family is killed by a terrorist bomb, fireman Gordy Brewer (Arnold Scwarzenegger) vows to track down the person responsible. He discovers that the chief suspect is El Lobo, a Colombian freedom fighter, and heads off to Colombia to confront him. Soon after he arrives, the fireman finds himself hunted by both the police and the rebel factions, but with the help of mechanic Armstrong (John Turturro) and cocaine farmer Felix (John Leguizamo), he manages to find his way to El Lobo's compound. Gordy's mission then develops a renewed urgency when he discovers that the rebel is about to make a new attack on US soil. In 'Swordfish', set in present day California, computer hacker Stanley Jobson (Hugh Jackman) is visited by the mysterious Ginger (Halle Berry), who asks him to help out with a complex plan organized by rogue government agent Gabriel Shear (John Travolta). Jobson has already been convicted once, and a second offence could land him in jail, However, when Ginger reveals the kind of reward he will receive if he comes aboard, he finds it difficult to resist. The plan is to hack into a bank computer system and redirect billions of dollars in order to fund Gabriel's counter-terrorist activities, but Ginger reveals herself to be an undercover agent for the DEA, and when his own daughter is kidnapped and used as insurance by the ruthless Gabriel, Stanley doesn't know which way to turn. Finally, in 'Driven' talented young racing driver Jimmy Bly (Kip Pardue) shows promise but is buckling under the pressure heaped on him by his promoter/brother. Car owner Carl Henry (Burt Reynolds) senses something going amiss in Jimmy's driving and persuades old-hand driver Joe Tanto (Sylvester Stallone) to come and advise the young buck. But returning to the fray even in this paternal role reminds Joe of the scars left behind by a near-fatal accident on the track all those years ago.

Contains strong language and violence
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