Columbo: Series 1-7

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All 45 episodes from seasons 1-7 of the 1970s detective series featuring Peter Falk's now-classic depiction of the trenchcoat-clad detective Columbo, who uses his humble ways and disingenuous demeanour to winkle out even the most well-concealed of crimes. Episodes are: 'Murder by the Book', 'Dead Weight', 'Lady in Waiting', 'Short Fuse', 'Blueprint for Murder', 'Etude in Black', 'The Greenhouse Jungle', 'The Most Crucial Game', 'Dagger of the Mind', 'Requiem For a Falling Star', 'A Stitch in Crime', 'The Most Dangerous Match', 'Double Shock', 'Lovely But Lethal', 'Any Old Port in a Storm', 'Candidate For Crime', 'Double Exposure', 'Publish or Perish', 'Mind Over Mayhem', 'Swan Song', 'A Friend in Need', 'An Exercise in Fatality', 'Negative Reaction', 'By Dawn's Early Light', 'Troubled Waters', 'Playback', 'A Deadly State of Mind', 'Forgotten Lady', 'A Case Of Immunity', 'Identity Crisis', 'A Matter Of Honour', 'Now You see Him', 'Last Salute To The Comodore', 'Fade In To Murder', 'Old Fashioned Murder', 'The Bye-bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case', 'Try and Catch Me', 'Murder Under Glass', 'Make Me a Perfect Murder', 'How To Dial a Murder' and 'The Conspirators'.