Columbo: Series 1 - Episodes 1-6

  |  Buy to Own: 02/10/2006
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Columbo: Series 1 - Episodes 1-6 Film Poster


Pilot and first five episodes from the long running detective drama. In the series' pilot: 'Prescription: Murder' psychiatrist Roy Fleming and his wife are celebrating their anniversary when he announces he must rush out to deal with a 'patient' - actually one Miss Hudson (Katherine Justice) - his mistress. His angry wife, to whom he has sworn never to be untrue again, is furious and must be placated with the promise of a holiday in Acapulco. When Mrs. Fleming subsequently turns up dead, the tenacious, bedraggled detective Columbo (Peter Falk) is brought in to investigate. Other episodes included: 'Ransom for a Dead Man', 'Murder by the Book', 'Death Lends a Hand', 'Dead Weight', and 'Suitable for Framing'.