Columbo: Series 3

  |  Buy to Own: 14/11/2005
  |  600 min
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Complete third series of the popular 1970s American crime drama, following the investigations of the deceptively disheveled detective Lt. Columbo (Peter Falk), who always asks 'just one more thing' before getting his man. In 'Lovely But Lethal', Columbo investigates murder at the heart of a cosmetics company. In 'Any Old Port in a Storm', a wine connoisseur murders his brother in a fit of rage. In 'Candidate For Crime', Columbo investigates a murder during a senatorial election campaign. In 'Double Exposure', a noted doctor kills his employer when he is about to be fired. In 'Publish or Perish', a successful writer is murdered by his publisher when he threatens to change firms. In 'Mind Over Mayhem', a scientist is killed by a burglar, but Columbo suspects deeper motives. In 'Swan Song', a religious folk singer is killed in a plane crash, but was it an accident? Finally, in 'A Friend in Need', a man is drawn into his neighbour's murder plot. Guest stars in these episodes include Donald Pleasence, Martin Sheen, Vincent Price, Johnny Cash, Mickey Spillane, and Lee Montgomery.