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  |  117 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
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Hungarian drama following the unusual relationship that develops between a man and woman who are forced together by wartime pressures. It is World War II and Budapest is on the verge of falling to the Nazis. Kata (Ildikó Bánsági), happily married with a young daughter, loses contact with both her husband and child as the necessities of life under occupation press upon them. Handed a new identity as the wife of a resistance fighter, János (Péter Andorai), Kata must adapt to her new role quickly, lest the Nazis see through the façade and apprehend them. However, the longer she and János spend sharing a small room and acting in public as man and wife, the more the line between fantasy and reality begins to blur and Kata may struggle to readjust to her former life should circumstances return her to her family.

Contains strong language and moderate sex and nudity
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