Cougars, Inc.

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  |  79 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Independent US comedy starring Kyle Gallner, James Belushi and Denise Richards in which a rebellious young man founds an unusual business to pay his way through school. Having been expelled from more or less every school he's ever attended, Sam (Gallner) finds himself short of opportunities to further his education. The thing he needs most to make another go of things is money. After a series of encounters with lonely single mothers, Sam believes he has spotted a gap in the market and duly sets up an escort agency designed to cater for the needs of older women, which he names Cougars Inc. The business is more successful than he could have imagined, but becoming involved in such an unorthodox enterprise carries with it plenty of complications...

Contains strong language, sex, sex references, drug use & sexualised nudity
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