Countess Dracula Twins Of Evil Vampire Circus

  |  Buy to Own: 14/10/2002
  |  256 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A triple bill of Hammer Horrors all made in the same year. 'Countess Dracula' stars Ingrid Pitt in her defining role as the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory - who is reported to have murdered over 600 young girls. Bathory discovers that bathing in the blood of virgins keeps her looking youthful and arranges for the kidnapping of her own daughter, Ilona (Lesley-Anne Down), in order to use her blood. She takes on Ilona's identity and seduces a young man but the supply of blood needs constant topping up otherwise Bathory will age vigorously. In 'Twins of Evil' a pair of twins, Maria and Frieda, move from Vienna to the village of Karstein to live with Aunt Katy and grim Uncle Gustav (Peter Cushing) in the shadow of the dreaded Karstein Castle. Gustav is a fanatical Puritan and leader of a religious sect - the Brotherhood, feared for their witch hunts and burnings. At the castle, a mock sacrificial rite is organised, where Count Karnstein stabs a girl strapped to a sarcophagus and reincarnates his vampire ancestor the beautiful Countess Mircalla Karnstein. Her first act is to bite the count, turning him into a vampire. The Count then captures the beautiful Frieda and sinks his fangs into her neck and she, too, is transformed into one of the undead. The Brotherhood manage to capture Frieda and prepare to burn her at the stake but Karnstein manages to switch the twins. Maria will face the fire while Frieda goes free to create evil havoc. Whilst 'Vampire Circus' is set in a small Eastern European town in the early 19th century and concerns the terrible vengeance of a gypsy woman attached to a travelling circus. All who cross her path perish horribly as she fulfils the dying curse of a vampire Count.