Couple in a Hole

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  |  101 min
Rated 12A by the BBFC


Paul Higgins and Kate Dickie star as a couple living a secluded life in the woods in this thriller directed by Tom Geens. The film follows Scottish couple John and Karen (Higgins and Dickie) as they retreat to a remote part of the French countryside to live a life devoid of modernity in a hollowed tree. As John sets traps, forages for food and water while Karen tends to their homely needs, it unravels that the pair have fled tragedy and have given up their privileges and sought quiet refuge in an attempt to overcome their sadness. After Karen is bitten by a spider John is forced to turn to nearby villagers for help, a decision that will force the couple to confront their issues for the first time.

infrequent strong language, animal butchery
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