Creature Feature Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 12/11/2012
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Collection of three creature features. In 'Snow Beast' (2011), when a team of researchers, led by Jim (John Schneider), return to Canada to study the native Lynx, this time the Lynx seem to be missing. As they conduct their hunt for the missing wildlife, they find out that something is stalking them, and that they themselves have become the prey of something much more sinister. In 'Monsterwolf' (2010), when an oil company CEO starts digging for oil in Louisiana, his team accidentally unleash a monstrous wolf of Native American legend. It is then up to local girl, Maria (Leonor Varela) and the help of local Native, Chief Turner (Steve Reevis) to put an end to the rampage that ensues due to this creature's disturbance. In 'Swamp Shark' (2011), a gang of animal smugglers unwittingly let loose a shark into the Florida swamplands which causes all sorts of disruptions to the upcoming Gator Fest. It's up to the local Broussard family to save the day and their good name by eradicating this fishy threat with an insatiable appetite.