Crime Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 25/08/2008
  |  543 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Six crime films based on true stories. 'In the Eyes of a Stranger' (1991) tells the story of a woman who is the witness to a hitman's actions. But when she finds that she is his next target, it is up to her bodyguard to save her. 'The Heart of the Lie' (1992) tells the story of Bambi Bembenek (Linsday Frost), a police officer and pin-up girl who is fired from her department and subsequently files a sex discrimination suit. Soon afterwards Bembenek finds herself convicted of murdering her husband's ex-wife. However, she manages to break out of prison and becomes an international celebrity. In 'Hit and Run' (1998), when she accidentally knocks an eight-year-old girl off her bike while out driving, Joanna Kendall (Margaret Colin) immediately telephones for help. However, she returns to the scene to find an angry mob, and chooses to drive away to avoid taking the blame. She tries to carry on her cosy suburban existence as usual, but her troubled conscience soon affects her already shaky marriage. In 'Dangerous Child' (2001), Sally Cambridge (Delta Burke) is a woman who is struggling to raise her two sons, Jack (Ryan Merriman) and Leo (Marc Donato), after her divorce. When Jack starts to act violently towards his mother, Sally attempts to get help for him. Unfortunately, no one believes her until Jack is involved in a terrible tragedy. 'Murder of Innocence' (1994) tells the story of a mentally disturbed girl who appears to have everything - a loving husband, a beautiful home and very caring parents. However, she is haunted by images of herself as a child being victimised and becomes paranoid and out of touch with reality each day: she stores meat in her clothes drawers, prepares desserts covered with poison and stalks her High School sweetheart. But her behaviour eventually drives her husband away which only intensifies her madness and she goes on a rampage of destruction and murder. Finally, in 'The Ultimate Betrayal' (1993), the four Rodgers sisters, Sharon (Marlo Thomas), Mary (Ally Sheedy), Susan (Mel Harris) and Beth (Kathryn Dowling), have all suffered in adult life as a result of the abuse that they endured at the hands of their father while children. They decide to mount a legal battle for compensation, but in so doing alienate their twin brothers. It doesn't help that their father is seen as a good family man and works as a child abuse expert for the FBI. Can the truth come out?