Cruel Intentions

  |  Buy to Own: 12/07/2004
  |  177 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A box set of the three 'Cruel Intentions' films. In 'Cruel Intentions' Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as the spoiled Kathryn Merteuil and Ryan Phillippe as her step-brother Sebastian Valmont. Bored of the girls who lust after him, Sebastian sets his sights on seducing Annette (Reese Witherspoon), the virginal daughter of the school headmaster. However, Kathryn is scheming behind Sebastian's back and soon the sibling's relationship is polluted by deception and trickery, leading to tragic events. In 'Cruel Intentions 2' Sebastian (Robin Dunne) has been kicked out of yet another private school and is sent home to live with his father and stepmother in New York. Here he meets his beautiful and manipulative step-sister Kathryn (Amy Adams), who will do anything to make his life a misery, especially since he has fallen for the innocent Danielle (Sarah Thompson). Kathryn tries everything to seduce Sebastian, even when his new girlfriend is around. This temptation causes many problems for Sebastion, whose past track record in relationships has not been the most honest. Finally in 'Cruel Intentions 3' Jason (Nathan Wetherington) and Patrick (Kerr Smith), students at Prestige College take part in the ultimate bet - to seduce Cassie Merteuil (Kristina Anapau) the most cold and calculating woman at college.