Crusade In The Pacific Collection

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  |  629 min
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All 24 episodes of the early 1950s US documentary series telling the story of events in the Pacific Ocean during the Second World War, from the campaign for the island of Guadalcanal in 1942, to the moment the Marines raised the flag atop Mount Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima in 1945 and the eventual surrender and occupation of Japan. Episodes are: 'The Pacific in Eruption', 'Awakening in the Pacific', 'The Rise of the Japanese Empire', 'America Goes to War in the Pacific', 'The US Navy and the Philippines', 'The Navy Holds - 1942', 'Guadalcanal - America's First Offensive', 'War in the North - The Aleutians', 'The Road Back - New Guinea', 'Up the Solomon's Ladder: Bougainville', 'Attack in the Central Pacific', 'The War at Sea', 'Speeding Up the Attack: The Marshalls', 'Stepping Stone to the Philippines', 'Battle for the Marianas', 'The War in the China-Burma-India Circle', 'Palau: The Fight for Bloody Nose Ridge', 'MacArthur Returns to the Philippines', 'Bloody Iwo', 'At Japan's Doorstep: Okinawa', 'The Air War On Japan', 'The Surrender and Occupation of Japan', 'Shifting Tides in the Orient' and 'War in Korea'.