CSI - Crime Scene Investigation: Seasons 1-5

  |  Buy to Own: 25/12/2005
  |  4230 min
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Every episode from seasons 1-5 of the acclaimed drama series about a passionate team of forensic investigators who work the graveyard shift at the Las Vegas Criminalistics Bureau. Their job is to find the missing pieces at the scene that will help to solve the crime and vindicate those who often cannot speak for themselves - the victims. Episodes comprise: 'Pilot', 'Cool Change', 'Crate 'n Burial', 'Pledging Mr. Johnson', 'Friends & Lovers', 'Who Are You?', 'Blood Drops', 'Anonymous', 'Unfriendly Skies', 'Sex, Lies and Larvae', 'I-15 Murders', 'Fahrenheit 932', 'Boom', 'To Halve and to Hold', 'Table Stakes', 'Too Tough to Die', 'Face Lift', '$35K O.B.O.', 'Gentle, Gentle', 'Sounds of Silence', 'Justice is Served', 'Evaluation Day', 'The Strip Strangler', 'Blood Brothers', 'Dead Zone', 'Hard Time', 'Death Grip', 'The Best Defense', 'Hurricane Anthony', 'Grand Prix', 'Big Brother', 'Bait', 'Extreme', 'Complications', 'Witness to Murder', 'Blood Moon', 'Slow Burn', 'Stalkerazzi', 'Invasion', 'Money for Nothing', 'Wannabe', 'Deadline', 'The Oath', 'Not Landing', 'Rap Sheet', 'MIA/NYC - NonStop', 'Innocent', 'Revenge is Best Served Cold', 'The Accused is Entitled', 'Let the Seller Beware', 'A Little Murder', 'Abra Cadaver', 'The Execution of Catherine Willows', 'Fight Night', 'Snuff', 'Blood Lust', 'High and Low', 'Recipe for Murder', 'Got Murder?', 'Random Acts of Violence', 'One Hit Wonder', 'Lady Heather's Box', 'Lucky Strike', 'Crash & Burn', 'Precious Metal', 'Night at the Movies', 'Last Laugh', 'Forever', 'Play With Fire', 'Inside the Box', 'Assume Nothing', 'All for Our Country', 'Homebodies', 'Feeling the Heat', 'Fur and Loathing', 'Jackpot', 'Invisible Evidence', 'After the Show', 'Grissom Versus the Volcano', 'Coming of Rage', 'Eleven Angry Jurors', 'Butterflied', 'Suckers', 'Paper or Plastic', 'Early Rollout', 'Getting Off', 'XX', 'Bad to the Bone', 'Bad Words', 'Dead Ringer', 'Turn of the Screws', 'No More Bets', 'Bloodlines', 'Viva Las Vegas', 'Down the Drain', 'Harvest', 'Crow's Feet', 'Swap Meet', 'What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?', 'Formalities', 'Ch-Ch-Changes', 'Mea Culpa', 'No Humans Involved', 'Who Shot Sherlock', 'Snakes', 'Nesting Dolls', 'UnBearable', 'King Baby', 'Big Middle', 'Compulsion', 'Spark of Life', '4 X 4', 'Hollywood Brass', 'Committed', 'Weeping Willows', 'Iced', 'Grave Danger (Part 1)' and 'Grave Danger (Part 2)'.