Curious George: Big Adventure Boxset

Rated TBC by the BBFC


A special collection of six feature-length films and two collections of episodes from the TV series to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Curious George, the precocious monkey voiced by Frank Welker. In 'Curious George' (2006) directed by Matthew O'Callaghan, Ted (voice of Will Ferrell) is sent by his boss, the owner of a struggling museum, to Africa to collect the 'Lost Shrine of Zagawa' in a last ditch attempt to bolster the footfall at the museum. When Ted reaches the idol it is much smaller than expected, but along the way he meets a friendly young monkey named George (Welker). When the pair return to America with the artefact, will it be enough to save the museum? Norton Virgien directs 'Curious George 2 - Follow That Monkey!' (2009) in which George meets a baby elephant named Kayla (Jeff McNeal) who has been separated from her family. George journeys cross-country with the elephant to take her back to her brother and sister. In 'Curious George 3 - Back to the Jungle' (2015) George is sent on an important space mission but a mix-up during launch has him crash-land in the middle of an African jungle. Scott Heming and Andrei Svislotski direct 'Curious George: Swings Into Spring' (2013) in which the Man with the Yellow Hat (Jeff Bennett) takes George and his dog Hundley (Lex Lang) out into the country for a holiday. Hundley becomes very homesick, so George tries to cheer him up. In 'Curious George: A Halloween Boofest' (2013) George can't wait for the Halloween season to begin with pumpkin carving and costumes. George and his friend Allie (Lara Jill Miller) set out to prove the legendary ghost No Noggin is real. In 'Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas' (2009) George experiences his first Christmas, and he and the Man with the Yellow Hat struggle to find the perfect gift for each other. In 'Curious George: Zoo Night & Other Adventures', a collection of eight episodes from the 2007 TV series, George gets into all sorts of capers at the zoo and with other animals he meets. The episodes are: 'Zoo Night', 'Curious George's Bunny Hunt', 'Bee Is for Bear', 'Curious George's Home for Pigeons', 'From Scratch', 'Curious George, Dog Counter', 'Squirrel for a Day' and 'Curious George Discovers the 'Poles'. Another collection of eight episodes, 'Curious George: Rocket Ride and Other Adventures', sees George exploring space, the sky, hills and rivers. The episodes are: 'Curious George's Rocket Ride', 'Curious George and the Dam Builders', 'Curious George Flies a Kite', 'Curious George Finds His Way', 'Curious George Station Master', 'Curious George Goes Up the River', 'Curious George in the Dark' and 'Roller Monkey'.