Cybill: Complete Series 1-4

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The complete Series 1-4 of the American television comedy show starring Cybill Shepherd as Cybill Sheridan, a middle-aged actress trying to revive her flagging Hollywood career. Series 1 episodes are: 'Virgin, Mother, Crone', 'How Can I Call You My Ex-Husbands If You Won't Go Away!', 'As the World Turns to Crap', 'Look Who's Stalking', 'Starting on the Wrong Foot', 'Call Me Irresponsible', 'See Jeff Jump, Jump Jeff Jump!', 'The Curse of Zoey', 'The Replacements', 'Death and Execs', 'The Last Temptation of Cybill', 'The Big Sleepover' and 'The Cheese Stands Alone'. Series 2 episodes are: 'Cybill Discovers the Meaning of Life', 'Zing!', 'Since I Lost My Baby', 'Cybill With an 'S'', 'Cybill's Fifteen Minutes', 'Nice Work If You Can Get It', 'To Sir, With Lust', 'They Shoot Turkeys, Don't They?', 'Local Hero', 'The Odd Couples', 'Mourning Has Broken', 'The Big Apple Can Bite Me', 'Educating Zoey', 'Where's Zoey?', 'Lowenstein's Lament', 'A Who's Who For Whatshisname', 'Wedding Bell Blues', 'Romancing the Cone', 'An Officer and a Thespian', 'Virgin, Mother, Cheater', 'When You're Hot, You're Hot', 'Pal Zoey' and 'Going Out With a Bang'. Series 3 episodes are: 'Bringing Home the Bacon', 'Venice Or Bust', 'Cybill and Maryann Go to Japan', 'It's for You, Mrs. Lincoln', 'Cybill, Get Your Gun', 'Cybill Does Diary', 'Sex, Drugs and Catholicism', 'Going to Hell in a Limo (Part 1)', 'Going to Hell in a Limo (Part 2)', 'Buffalo Gals', 'A Hell of a Christmas', 'The Little Drummer Girls', 'Bachelor Party', 'Little Bo Peep', 'In Her Dreams', 'Valentine's Day', 'Kiss Me, You Fool', 'True Confessions', 'Name That Tune', 'From Boca, With Love', 'All of Me', 'The Wedding', 'The Piano', 'There Was an Old Woman...', 'Mother's Day' and 'Let's Stalk'. Series 4 episodes are: 'Regarding Henry', 'The Love of Her Life', 'The Big, Flouncy Thing', 'Some Like It Hot', 'Like Family', 'Earthquake', 'Halloween', 'Where's a Harpoon When You Need One?', 'How to Get a Head in Show Business', 'Grandbaby', 'The Golden Years', 'Show Me the Minnie', 'Bakersfield', 'Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady', 'Cybill Sheridan's Day Off', 'Fine Is Not a Feeling', 'Oh Brother!', 'Whose Wife Am I, Anyway?', 'Dream Date', 'Farewell, My Sweet', 'Daddy', 'Don Gianni', 'Cybill in the Morning' and 'Ka-Boom!'